Safety First in Online Casinos

The tips we present here will help you experience the fantastic games in online casinos on your own. With thousands of online casinos out there, making a choice is not easy. In an effort to limit your selection, we want to give you the most important advice concerning security / safety of casinos, protection of your personal data, and the most appropriate methods of payment. Following our basic informations and recommendations will allow you to relax and enjoy the games.

1. Legitimate casinos are licensed

Making sure that a casino has an official license to operate comes first and foremost and should be confirmed by every player before playing. This is important for the following reasons: the agencies that issue these licenses oversee all processes in the casino. Casinos must provide all documentation regarding their operation of the games to these entities. This includes payment transactions, software, data protection, and voluntary regulators. In the event of a dispute between a guest and a casino, these agencies will intercede to reach an equitable outcome for the player. One well-known such license provider is Kahnawake.

Safety First in Online Casinos

2. Casinos allow external regulators

You should pay attention to this symbol: e-Cogra, the most well-known regulator for online casinos. This type of regulation is voluntary, but since online casinos must overcome prejudice, they generally do not shy away from surveillance by an external organization, nor the cost associated with it. This instills trust on the part of the guests: external regulators can examine online casino software, all slots and games, payout ratios, and the random number generator. If anything is not in compliance, the operator quickly loses his license and his costumers. Hence, self-regulation provides assurances that all is fair and legal.

Safety First in Online Casinos

3. Payout ratios and timely payments to players

Now we are discussing a topic that presents a struggle for many casinos. We know that for casinos in the real world, the payout ratio must be at least 90%. In fact, this ratio is much higher for online casinos as a result of their significantly lower operating costs. Many casinos publish their payment ratios on their website, which not only provides a high degree of transparency, but also instills a sense of trust in the player. Payment ratios for online casinos often exceed 97% of all payments!

With respect to payouts to players, we have found some disparities among online casinos. Some pay within a matter of a few hours, others take several days. Some casinos have a prescribed period of time before they even begin to process payouts. We therefore recommend that you review each casino’s payout arrangements and use the most appropriate method of payment/payout. We provide additional information on this subject under the heading methods of payment.

4. Fair bonus terms and conditions

Online casinos generally offer generous bonuses. But in order to find out what they are ultimately worth, you need to read the fine print of the bonus terms and conditions. Even the best bonuses are worthless if they have too great a wager requirement (playthrough). Carefully read the wager requirements before playing: up to 40x playthrough is acceptable, but everything above that is not. Players should be able to cash out their winnings earned with bonuses. Keep in mind that special terms and conditions apply to all types of bonuses, including free games or spins, deposit bonuses, cash bonuses, and cash back bonuses. Only material prizes are excluded.

Safety First in Online Casinos

5. The support is always there for you

Sooner or later, players will run into a situation that requires personal contact with a casino. Casino customer support should be able to answer all your questions, or direct you to the appropriate contact person. It should also be available around the clock and accessible via several different channels: e-mail, live chat, or telephone. First-class casinos provide multi-lingual support. Check out the casino’s customer support during your first visit. We hope that you will take the 5 topics outlined here to heart. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns. We will be happy to help you further with our experience and knowledge.

Safety First in Online Casinos

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